When Shah Rukh Khan requests Aryan on his most recent images, Aryan Khan responds in an EPIC way.

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Aryan Khan likes to maintain a low profile on social media, therefore it had been over a year before he published a post there. On Monday, Aryan posted images of himself and his siblings on social media as a message. He was spotted candidly posing beside Suhana and Abram.

Aryan quickly provided a humorous reply in response to SRK’s rapid and inquisitive request in the comments section for the images. “Why am I missing these pictures? On Aryan’s post, Shah Rukh Khan had said, “Give them to me right away.” I’ll email them to you the next time I publish, Aryan responded in response. So, most likely in a few years.

Shah rukh khan fans are in tears after seeing Shah Rukh Khan urge Aryan to give him photos of Suhana and AbRam.

Aryan Khan, the eldest son of Shah Rukh Khan, has remained largely unnoticed online. He returned to Instagram this week after a year-long absence. With his siblings Suhana and AbRam, he posted some cute pictures. Shah Rukh Khan’s response to the post is not to be missed, even if the pictures immediately caught the internet’s attention.

Aryan Khan can be seen in the pictures standing between the stunning Suhana and a beaming AbRam, looking stylish in a green jacket. The following image shows a close-up of Aryan and AbRam. You may see them here:

Shah Rukh Khan made a humorous remark on Aryan Khan’s tweet of Suhana and AbRam, Shah Rukh Khan almost immediately. Why don’t I have these images, he asked in his letter. The internet can’t get enough of SRK playing every dad ever: “Give them to me immediately.”

The remark drew a response from Aryan Khan. I’ll email them to you the next time I publish, he wrote. So, most likely in a few years.

Suhana Khan, who is not in the second shot, sent a hilarious comment that said, “Thanks for the crop,” in response. Well, humour is a family trait.

Aryan Khan was exonerated in the NCB’s (Narcotics Control Bureau) narcotics case earlier this year. Instead of performing, he plans to pursue a career in filmmaking. The Archies, directed by Zoya Akhtar, will mark Suhana Khan’s acting debut. Shah Rukh Khan will next be seen in the films Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki.

Aryan Khan, the oldest son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, returned to social media on Monday after a year-long absence and released a few images of himself and his siblings.

Aryan uploaded a photo to his Instagram account with the description “Hat-trick.” He was seen posing for the camera in the first image while encircling his sister Suhana Khan and younger brother AbRam.

The next picture showed Aryan and AbRam. The latter was wearing a black hoodie with denim pants, as opposed to the former who was wearing an olive T-shirt with a jacket and black trousers. Suhana looked lovely in her light-colored denim shorts and strapless denim top.

Within a few hours of being posted, Aryan’s social media post received more than three lakh likes and several comments. His father, SRK, was one of the commenters and remarked, “Why don’t I have these photos!? I need these RIGHT NOW!”

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