Vijay Deverkonda’s Liger Flop Directed by Puri Jagannadh and Produced by Karan Johar.

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Arjun Reddy attracted a lot of attention to Vijay Deverakonda, who is now the nation’s favourite actor. The actor generated a lot of talk while he and Ananya, his co-star from the movie Liger, actually appeared on Koffee With Karan 7. The man was dressed in a stylish suit, yet the audience was drawn to him since he continued to act like himself.

4 days after its debut, the movie is about to reach the end of its original run, according to the report. Following a significant drop in attendance on Tuesday, over 90% of total performances in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka were postponed; theatres in Andhra Pradesh and Telugu are expected to follow suit. This really is Vijay Deverakonda’s latest movie in a row to underperform just in ticket sales.

Besides the narrative and storyline, Liger’s lingo is a real disappointment. Naturally, some of the protagonists are Mumbai-based men and women of Telugu ancestry. Rather, it gives us the impression that we are witnessing a partially translated movie where Telugu speech is being said by Mumbai-born actors while they are mouthing Hindi. It might have been less uncomfortable if there had been a short synopsis of how English was used.

Liger, a pan-Indian movie, provides an odd fusion of polished TV show and populist narrative. Only 25 cr is predicted to be left over when the domestic run is through. The movie received negative reviews when it first debuted in several dubs around the nation. Liger may now be added to the long list of Hindi failures that were produced this year as a result. According to legend, the title character is a cat-hybrid, making him a tremendously braveheart. The movie itself is a hybrid of Bollywood and Telugu cinema, which is why it is so untalented. The end product is a ridiculous action movie that simply serves to add to the long list of high-profile Hindi disasters that have been appearing recently.

Ananya’s looks and personality are on par with that of R. Khan’s unique characteristics in his films, yet performers such as Chunkey Pandey and Ali make up for it with excellent humorous rhythm and personalities, making up for Johar’s inability to create a compelling passion aspect.

Ananya had an amazing Telugu film debut. She exudes a lot of glamour on television and equally astounded everybody with her talent. Liger and his mother Appears frequently relocated from Delhi, from various sources in India, to Mumbai following the passing of Lion Balram. After winning the national competition, he advances to the international competition, which is supported by Sanju and Tanya’s father. He gains worldwide MMA fighter status as a consequence of the bout. In an effort to win Tanya home, Henderson invites them to a duel. Ronit Roy is a respectable boxing instructor. Other musicians, like Jumpsuit Srinu, were suitable for their positions. 
Then the upbeat “Akdi pakdi” dancing routine comes on. A short while later, friends wake her up to inform her that her Instagram post has gone viral and that people have gathered downstairs. Similar to SRK from Mannat, she walks up to the balcony and gestures to the spectators. Then again, did it really happen, and were the videos that went viral actually posted? Was that song just a dream? The narrative’s transitions are so haphazard. Much later, there is some type of revelation regarding Tanya’s real response to the mother’s distress, but at that point, nothing is important because the movie is spiralling out of control.

The character admits at the start of the film that he isn’t very good at telling stories, but he promises to endeavor. Possibly, that was a spoiler for the movie. Luckily, Liger doesn’t leave a cliffhanger, which may lead to a continuation.

Everything now makes perfect sense; Vijay would save the day, the film, and most importantly, my money isn’t wasted, as long as Puri Jagannadh makes an effort; his direction is, without a doubt, at least passably good. The achievement of Liger could be largely traced to both an excellent plot and fantastic acting all around. Liger has fascinating sequences alongside Vijay Deverakonda She exhibits the fire and intensity that a devoted mother demands.

Sporting combat plays have been far more prevalent in Indian films. It’s indeed difficult to support the underdog tale in this instance since the characterizations and narration are so trite. Ignore the physical changes as well as the action scenes; Vijay Deverakonda has given stronger performances in Telugu movies. Ramya is a strong, brave mother, although she is often compelled to yell and scream. Chunky Pandey plays a fleeting role that starts off flashy but then runs out of steam.

In a statement, Vijay said that he doesn’t want to offend his female admirers by disclosing his relationship status because they like and cherish him. This demonstrates how kind and charming he can be as a guy. Movie stars are very well known for the clothes and shoes they sport. In his promotional appearances, Vijay Deverakonda wore a casual shirt, jeans, and shoes.

Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday will partake the screen for the first time in Liger. Deverakonda will be playing an MMA fighter in the film. Mike Tyson, the American prizefighter, makes his Bollywood debut in the film. Liger is produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma products in collaboration with Puri Connects. Liger will be released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam theatres.

Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday starrer Liger is out in playhouses. Thepan-Indian film, directed by Puri Jagannadh, follows the story of a prizefighter who fights against odds to make his mark. Liger is releasing in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. The promos and songs of Liger haven’t disclosed the film’s story. The Dharma products- Puri Connects film has been in the making for three times and faced numerous detainments due to the epidemic. It also stars Mike Tyson and Ramya Krishnan in significant places.

At the time, I was playing some supporting places but I had always wanted to be an actor. I had no idea that six times from now I would be in Bombay speaking to the media( about the film). Forget Bombay; rather, trip to Gujarat or Bihar and witness the inconceivable affection for what you do.

The actor has acquired a passionate followership with his films and performances. Indeed Vijay has had his fair share of rejections. While promoting his forthcoming film, Vijay confessed that he was rejected as an actor in Mumbai around 2016.

Vijay told Bollywood Life,” I travelled to Bombay around 5- 6 times ago to have my visa appointment, and it was refused.” I did not like the megacity in the end. I stayed in a friend’s apartment in Sion and set up the megacity to be relatively hot.

Telugu, “A dull action-romantic drama with out- of- date liar.” The first and alternate halves of the film are tedious. I did not make any connections. He did a atrocious job opening the film. The movie’s opening line is” Abbayilaki Narakam chupinchataniki Devudu Mudduga chesukunna bommalu Ammailu.” I really enjoyed the discussion. Inka adi chusi movie anukunna untundemo anukunna. Vammo. I am not opining because there are no minimal Script settings in this. There is not a single interesting aspect. In the early part, there are some Time Pass moments. They’re fine. The core plot is really ancient. There’s absolutely no interest in the drive. Actually, Puri Jagannath pictures have strong characters and discourses. It’s absolutely absent then. It’s annoying because the idol will be Stammering throughout the Movie.! The tale is old.

The script is tedious. discourses are medium.” Amma Nanna peru maatrame pedataru, Pillale daanni nilabettali,”” Gelupu unte lopaalu kuda bhalalu ga kanapadatayi,”” Gelupu unte lopaalu kuda bhalalu ga kanapadatayi,”” Gelupu unte lopaal Photography is excellent. Some lighting systems are effective. Costumes are respectable. The art direction is excellent. Exterior setups are nice. the Songs are bad. The background music is acceptable. It could’ve been better. The action sequences are excellent. The fight’s composition was excellent. Editing is fine. Direction is fine. He should have paid lesser attention to the script. product values are Okay. Vijay Devarakonda is excellent. His performance is excellent as always. nearly a one- man show But his stuttering is tedious. Repeated numerous times. In this film, he has bettered his dancing. Ananya Panday is ok. Ramya is OK. Srinu, you look great. He carried the maturity of the movie in the first half.

I am not sure why Mike Tyson is in the movie. Not indeed a minor significance for his character.! Cons * Vijay * Fights * Srinu * Getup * Art Direction Negatives * Script * Script * Script Overall, the film is tedious. A major marketable failure.”1.5″ is my standing. Please keep in mind that the antedating review was written by an NRI.

Vijay Deverakonda lately revealed his studies on the Boycott Bollywood and Laal Singh Chaddha mode. His responses were heavily criticised. As a result, netizens started calling for a boycott of Liger. Vijay Deverakonda latterly responded to the incident. He inquired as to whether they should discontinue the release of their films. He stated that they were created by the followership and are acting only for their benefit. Vijay latterly stated that he trusts God and has his mama ‘s blessing.

Netizens describe Liger as a” disaster” and a” bomb,” and they express their emotional views.

The cast also includes Ramya Krishnan, Ronit Roy, Vishu Reddy, Aali, and Getup Srinu. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Ronit disclosed the name of the recently-rolled project: Fighter. The actor said that in addition to Mumbai, producers are going to be filming in other international countries as well. “It is a pan-India action picture with a lot of mixed martial arts and will be shot extensively in the next six months.” People would find that they followed rigorous training and travelled to Thailand to study jiu-jitsu and other fighting styles. He is well known for his roles in the movies Arjun Reddy and Dear Comrade.

Liger’s main market, Telugu, hasn’t performed well, though. According to data provided by, the movie had a strong opening weekend, grossing Rs 17 crore starting Thursday.

The activity, sponsored by Bhushan Kumar, will be co-produced by Jagannadh, Karan, Mehta, and Charmme Kaur. As a bitter and angry lover, Deverakonda will also be featured in the upcoming movie World Famous Lover. Aishwarya Rajesh, Izabelle Leite, Catherine Tresa, and Raashi Khanna play the four female roles in the movie. The Telugu cinema debut of Rajesh and Leite is World Famous Lover. On producer Dil Raju’s birthday in January 2019, Vijay will reveal his upcoming film, provisionally named VD12. Shiva Nirvana, the director of the Majili series, will helm the film. In addition, he would allegedly appear in Thalaivi, the trilingual biography of former actress-turned-politician J Jayalalithaa, who served as Prime Minister of Tamil State, as Sobhan Babu.

The whole revenue from Liger in India is still at around Rs 27 crore nett. The movie, which was created by Puri Jagannadh and Karan Johar’s Dharma Studio, was done at a significant expense, according to our industry insiders, costing over Rs 120 crore. Liger must thus work hard to get close to that figure.

The Ganesha celebration is on Wednesday, August 31st, in addition to the two holidays that the movie has available to it this evening and tomorrow. However, it’s possible that the movie’s poor reception will have an impact on the figures.

Liger (2022), starring Deverakonda and Ananya, has garnered some of the worst reviews of the year from both critics and the general public. However, the Hindi version of the film didn’t have a significant lag on opening day.

Puri Jagannadh’s movie, which debuted in Hindi today, August 26, averaged Rs 4.50 crore net, according to data provided by trade web During Thursday night’s paid previews, Liger earned an extra Rs1.25 crore nett, bringing its total in Hindi to roughly Rs6 crore.

The whole revenue from Liger in India is still at around Rs 27 crore nett. The movie, which was created by Puri Jagannadh and Karan Johar’s Dharma Studio, was done at a significant expense, according to our industry insiders, costing over Rs 120 crore. Liger must thus work hard to get close to that figure.

The Ganesha celebration is on Wednesday, August 31st, in addition to the two holidays that the movie has available to it this evening and tomorrow. However, it’s possible that the movie’s poor reception will have an impact on the figures.

So the tweeples, or those who have formerly seen Liger in theatres, are twittering about their prints of the film. The film, starring Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday, appears to have failed to connect with the public.

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