Vidya Balan nails Rupali Ganguly’s  Anupamaa dialogue in Bathtub 2022

Vidya Balan nails Rupali Ganguly's Anupamaa dialogue in Bathtub 2023

It seems that Bollywood actresses are quickly catching on to Anupamaa’s phrase, “Aapko Kya.” Actress Vidya Balan is the next to reproduce it in her own distinctive manner after Janhvi Kapoor. 
As she lip syncs Anupamaa’s line, “Main ghoomun, phirun, nachun, gaon, hasun, khelon, bahar jaon, akeli jaon, kisi aur ke saath jaon, jahan jaon, jab jaon, jaise bhi jaon, aapko kya?” While seated in a bathtub, Vidya nails down

A few days earlier, Janhvi Kapoor and her crew performed the identical conversation, leaving her admirers speechless. It was executed flawlessly and quickly garnered a number of likes and views. Additionally, Urfi Javed utilised it to vent her rage towards people who doubt her airport sightings. 
All the women appear to have found Anupamaa’s discussion to be appropriate. 
Since it debuted on television, the show itself has been a fan favourite. Gaurav Khan, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Rupali Ganguly are in the lead. The programme frequently holds the top position in the TRP ratings as well.

Unquestionably, one of the best actors in the Indian cinema industry is Vidya Balan. As she took on a variety of roles and film genres, she again demonstrated her acting talent and adaptability. She last appeared in the film Jalsa, which both reviewers and viewers praised and adored. Shefali Shah plays a significant part in the film as well. Suresh Triveni, the film’s director, received a lot of praise for both the plot and the cast’s work.

Vidya shared the footage on Instagram, in which she can be seen having fun in a bathtub as Rupali Ganguly’s narration from her daily soap, Anupamaa, plays in the background. “Main ghoomun, phirun, nachun, gaon, hasun, khelon, bahar jaon, akeli jaon, kisi aur ke saath jaon, jahan jaon, jab jaon, jaise bhi jaon, aapko kya?” is the dialogue’s first line. Bolo Bolo is what Vidya wrote while sharing the clip. There have been several reels produced, and even Vidya could not resist joining the bandwagon. Vidya’s message quickly received an epic response from her followers, friends, and coworkers. In response to the video, Saba Pataudi used emoticons to express her amusement. ” One of her admirers penned, “Yes, sir. Best wishes, Sahi hai. 

To view Vidya Balan’s reel, click here.

With her work and personal decisions, Balan has always questioned society and Bollywood standards. She frequently gives speeches on body positivity at a time when the importance of self-love and self-care has increased globally. She just published a piece on the photo-sharing app about accepting oneself. With an important message in the description, Vidya posted two mirror selfies of herself showing both her facial profiles. In the text, Vidya describes a recent experience she had with a fan.

Regarding her professional endeavours, Vidya Balan will star in Neeyat and an unnamed movie alongside Pratik Gandhi, Ileana D’Cruz, and Sendhil Ramamurthy.

But in addition to captivating audiences on screen, Vidya also keeps them delighted in real life and on social media thanks to her upbeat and endearing attitude. In relation to that, the Dirty Picture actress recently created a reel based on the popular “aapko kya” phrase from Anupamaa.

Rupali’s brother replied to her post with the emojis for clapping, laughing, and heart. “Killing it,” a fan wrote. “My favourite act in my other favorite speech,” said another. There are others who wrote “Sahi hai” in celebration of it.

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