Science and Technology in Shaping of the Modern World

Technology and scientific research are always the driving forces

that are the reason for the development of the human race.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been trying to comprehend the natural properties of nature and use these properties in their daily lives.

Research and development in technology are two aspects of the one coin. They work together to create the modern world that we live in present day.

Scientific research is a methodical investigation that is designed to confirm the existing knowledge and to discover new patterns, concepts or laws, theories or theories that explain or predict natural phenomena, or give explanations to previously unsolved phenomenon for future research and application.

The application of scientific discoveries in the field of technology is referred to as technological advancement, and is and

, also known as industrial innovation.

massive building that is modern and equipped with technology

It is a method that creates new solutions to technical problems. are developed from technological advances and research that are that is available to us in the modern world.

The pace of research in science has increased over time. emerging economies have accounted for over 70% of world research funding in 2000, compared to 50% during the period 1960-1980 due to the increasing emphasis upon R&D initiatives in the emerging economies,, particularly China as well as India.

This article will discuss the implications of science and technology to our world today:

What’s Science?

Research in science is a systematic study that aims to verify the existing knowledge as well as

What's Science?

uncover new phenomena, theories and laws, theories or concepts that can explain or help to predict

natural phenomena , or give explanations to previously unsolved phenomenon.

A man can be seen in the microscope in the lab.

The foundation of scientific research is hypothesis generation and testing. Scientific

Research is not considered experimental. experimentation is the testing of


In the field of scientific research, the method isn’t just about creating hypotheses and testing them with experiments as well as formulating hypotheses, collecting data, and then analyzing the results.

An effective scientific research process is one where the researcher follows a methodical process to ensure that all steps of researching are completed.

Scientific research is a part of the overall method of learning.

What is technology?

Technology is the process of designing, implementation and application of knowledge to develop

products, services, or systems of both practical value or significance to society.

A computer screen that is working on a project

Technology is a collection of methods, skills practices, rules, or methods employed in the manufacture of products or services. It’s the collection of methods and techniques which allow or assist to create something.

It is a vital part in the economic system. It’s an input into the process of production. It may help

Increase incomes and the GDP through production.

It’s a set of methods and techniques that allow or assist to create something. Technology is usually used to describe the entire set of techniques, processes or procedures that are used to create technology or to the combination of these elements.

In the past it’s been commonplace to view a particular subset of these procedures, practices or procedures as technological.

Differentialities Between Science and Technology

Science is a method of learning about the world through

observation, experimentation and reasoning.

The aim is to acquire understanding of the natural world and apply the knowledge gained to create practical applications. Technology is the process of applying science.

For instance an application for computers that is used for example in theOil as well as Gas Industries, for instance, collects information and then processes it in order that operators can access their data and make decisions.

The study of science is the investigation into the nature and how it functions on an atomic and subatomic level. Technology studies the world and its workings at a macro level.

Scientists can use science to forecast the future, and technology can be utilized to improve the present and the future. better.

Pro-tech in India The Role of Science in our Everyday Life

In India it is a country with there is a fascination culture in the sciences and technological era along with an ancient culture of tradition

of education and reading are considered to be the characteristic of the Indian character.

India’s government India is investing in a variety of initiatives and programs to encourage STEM subjects. These include an effort to promote the development and use of new technologies, as well as innovative solutions for the masses.

The result has been the creation of several pro-tech projects and initiatives to reduce the increasing digital gap in the nation. Many states, like

Kerala and Rajasthan are launching an initiative to provide tablets for free to students who have the

The focus is upon the improvement of digital capabilities.

Many initiatives have also been implemented to highlight that importance STEM subjects and motivate students to become more knowledgeable about the subjects.

These initiatives consist of the creation of tablet-based educational programs that focus on teaching STEM subjectslike programming and computer science.

The Pro-Tech industry is China: R&END Hubs and Industrial parks

China is a world-class leader in the area of technological and scientific advancement is also a major player in other fields.

significant contribution to shaping the current world. It is among the five most powerful economies of the world, the country plays an important role in shaping the modern world.


it has a highly-skilled workforce and an established research and development system. The result is the establishment of a number of R&END centres and industrial parks which are helping to increase the application of science and technology across the nation.

R&END hubs are created to foster the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation, offer research and educational opportunities for startupsand enable entrepreneurs to learn from the top experts professionals in this field.

The hubs are intended to offer a support system of investors, professionals incubators, labs and resources for entrepreneurs.

Industrial parks are typically situated near R&END hubs and are intended to encourage the use of the latest technologies.

The parks typically consist of a mix of research and development centers along with manufacturing and research facilities.


Research and development in technology have shaped the history of the world from the beginning of time.

of civilisation.

Today, scientists use the most advanced technology to investigate diverse areas of research and discover new knowledge due to significant changes that take place in our society.

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