Negative Impacts Technology has on Society Technology on Society

The rise in technology’s advancement has created a profound impact on the society. Technological advances have brought numerous advantages, as well as negative results.

A new product or modification to the style of an existing item can be a significant influence on the way that people live as they work, play, and live. As such,

It is essential to consider the effects technological advancements on our society prior to making any major technological change.

This article focuses on the negative impacts of technology on society . It also offers suggestions to reduce the negative effects of technology by using it prudently and in a responsible manner.

Disruption of the Old Trades and Fields

Disruption of the Old Trades and Fields

Due to the advancement of technology, traditional trades such as weaving and farming have gone out of fashion.

Natural resources such as minerals and trees are no longer needed for the production of everyday items like building materials and food.

Packaging, transport storage and transportation have also become more convenient with the introduction of modern technology. Thus, the society is much less dependent upon manual labor and more dependent on machines. Since the introduction of machines many jobs have gone out of the market.

For instance, jobs such as call centre operators, couriers, postal drivers and other workers are no longer needed. With the introduction of mobile phones as well as better software,

the requirement for an actual post office has been deemed obsolete.

In the same way, those employed as delivery men or couriers have also become unemployed. More people are likely to be fired because of the rise AI.

Negative Effects on Employment

Technology advancements have enabled us to create new jobs as well. Certain types of jobs have been replaced by the advent of automation. For instance,

Man with employment

the call centre operators, telemarketers, as well as workers who enter data are predicted for their job to be eliminated as a result of the rise of AI-based technology.

Similar things are expected to be the case with traditional financial and banking sectors due to the introduction of blockchain technology. Due to the rise of cryptocurrency and the underlying Blockchain technology,

the requirement for a centralised bank system is predicted to be eliminated as well. Due to the demise of traditional fields and trades and fields, the number of unemployed individuals increases.

The rising rate of unemployment does not just cause social turmoil, but it also increases the number of crimes and corruption. With the development of new technologies,

the number of jobs available are predicted to decline while the rate of unemployment will increase. Therefore, it is crucial to assess the effects of the new technology on society prior to making them available to the public.

More Inequality and the Loss of Jobs for Workers

The development of new technologies has made life more convenient for the rich , but it also resulted in an rise in inequality. The advent of artificial intelligence

Human beings’ roles within the society are expected to be taken over by robots. Therefore, there is a significant chance of large segments of the population being laid off from their jobs.

As the world is flooded with technological advancements technology, the gap between rich and the poor is growing. The technological advances have resulted in the rise of inequality within the society.

The development of new technologies has resulted in a substantial reduction in jobs. For example, call-centre operators and telemarketers are in a state of unemployment.

With the rise smartphones, the requirement to have physical postal offices been deemed obsolete. Similar is likely to happen to the traditional financial and banking industries due to the advent of Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Obsolescence of products

New products are predicted to be obsolete due to the advancement of technology. This is also expected to occur with items that were created many years back.

It is predicted that products developed decades ago will be obsolete by the development of new technologies. As time passes by,

the demand for goods that are no longer in use reduces. Therefore, the advancement of technology makes obsolete the items.

The products made to serve a particular function are likely to disappear as the world develops modern technologies.

As an example, devices like fans and vacuum cleaners intended for only a specific purpose are likely to be obsolete due to the advancement of the latest technology.

It is anticipated that items like fans that were created over for a long period of time will be outdated soon. So, the ageing of items is anticipated due to the development of technological advancements.

The loss of Public Domain Information

The advent of modern technologies will lead for an increased volume of information that is public domain. This means that research and development activities are likely to grow dramatically.

In light of the growing volume of information in the public domain The cost of production is predicted to drop dramatically.

Therefore, the cost of a product can be expected to fall due to the development technology advancements. The development of new technologies results in the disclosure of a huge amount of information in the public domain.

Therefore, activities of research and development are predicted to be more affordable. This means that the quantity of inventions is expected to increase dramatically.

Therefore, the growth of this economy can be predicted to grow significantly due to the development of new technologies.

Privacy Loss and Exposure to Risk

The introduction of new technologies can lead to the increase of privacy concerns as well as exposure to risks. Therefore, the adoption of the latest technologies are likely to be more challenging.

Therefore, the use of new technologies is likely to become more difficult due to the development in new technology. With the introduction of new technologies

privacy concerns regarding the use of the websites and platforms for communication like social media grow. This means that the amount of interaction with the internet is likely to fall.

Therefore, the population is predicted to be less connected to technology. The introduction of new technologies is likely to result in an increase in the risk.

So, the adoption of new technologies is likely to increase in importance due to the development of new technologies.


The technological advancements have brought many advantages to modern society. However, it has also brought about the demise of traditional trades, and the elimination of jobs. Furthermore,

the development of new technologies has resulted in increasing inequality as well as the loss of information in the public domain.

In the end, the use of the latest technologies is likely to be more difficult, and expose users to risks.

Therefore, the impact of technology on society can be classified into seven negative impacts.

The technological advancements are expected to continue to bring many benefits , and will change the way we live our lives for the better.

However, it is essential to assess the impact that technology has on our society prior to making any major technological change.

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