Gaurav Khanna aka Anuj Kapadia fans  trend, “EK SAAL ANUJ KE NAAM”.

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Anuj Kapadia completed his 1 year in India’s top series, Anupama, and fans showed their love towards him by trending EK SAAL ANUJ KE NAAM. 

The holiday spirit is at its height, and everyone is focused on getting ready for tomorrow’s major Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. There is a great deal of enthusiasm among the crowd since the event is widely observed. Actors typically spend a large portion of their day on set, where they form strong bonds with their co-stars. As a result, they are equally enthusiastic about the festivities on the set. Most series attempt to include the Ganesh Chaturthi event, which also proves to be an engaging narrative for viewers. 

Anupamaa on Star Plus is now at the top of the TRP ratings and is without a doubt one of the most talked-about shows right now. Along with Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey, the show also stars Rupali Ganguly in the lead role. The actor never misses an opportunity to express his thanks for the overwhelming support he has gotten for his performance in the programme.

Furthermore, Gaurav Khanna stated, “Rajan Sir is really supportive of this, and the unit will be off on the first day of our Ganpati because many actors are hosting Ganpati ji at their residences for 1.5 days as well. In that case, the producing company is really helpful. We’ll visit each other at our homes in Ganpati. The love and adoration we receive for our programme is all by God’s grace. Thanks be to the Most High. ” 

Anupamaa, a daily soap starring Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Gaurav Khanna, is now the most popular programme. And Gaurav Khanna revealed some details on how Ganesh Chaturthi will be observed on this set. He revealed exclusively to Pinkvilla, “We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in a very extravagant way, and Rajan Shahi sir (the producer of Anupamaa) actively takes part in the planning. On Anupamaa’s set this time, we had Ganpati for 11 days. Our performance only draws support due to Ganpati Bappa. The Almighty is the one who has made this programme popular with viewers of all ages and backgrounds. ” 

The actor just performed a live Instagram session, and everyone is as delighted as ever. The actor initially expressed his gratitude to his followers for their support. Later, he said that he has complete faith in the producers and that, despite receiving a lot of affection in every episode, he would never want to leave this (Anupamaa) and that he gets along well with everyone on the crew. He also mentioned how he has the freedom to do whatever he pleases. 

Additionally, he mentioned how well-known Rupali Ganguly is and how the programme was already at its peak when he arrived. The actor explained how he had to clear some room in the programme for himself. He also mentioned Aneri Vajani, better known by her stage name Mukku, and how talented an actor she is. He continued on about the other actors by stating that every single individual on the sets is fantastic and that he has learnt a lot from each and every one of them. 

Gaurav spoke a little about his personal life as well, revealed his love story with his wife, and also called Rupali his favourite co-star. He continued by saying how much respect he had for her as a veteran performer. Among other things, he discussed how Anuj’s misfortunes are felt by everybody, adding that despite the competition, the programme is where it is because of this tale that has received so much affection. 
Unreleased footage of Gaurav Khanna from the set of Anupamaa is shared by Rupali Ganguly Rupali turned to social media to surprise her followers with unreleased behind-the-scenes images and footage from the Anupamaa sets. On her official Instagram account, she shared many pictures with the description, “Aaj 2nd September hai toh kuch unseen photos and memories of #maan. I want to thank my online family for their unending love and support. “

In the BTS video that is now going viral online, Gaurav Khanna is seen laying on a hospital bed. 

Anupamaa was described as a “rock solid concert” by Gaurav. Further highlighting how the actors are the final step in the production process and his belief that an actor cannot run a show alone, he also praised the entire team, including the writers, directors, cinematographers, and everyone else, and expressed the hope that the love of the fans would also reach them.

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