Will the release date of the RRR Movie be changed again ?

Will there be a change in the release date of Director SS Rajamouli’s Upcoming Movie RRR?

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RRR Movie is the Biggest Action movie where great actors have worked. However in the past 2 years due to Corona, the release date of the RRR Movie has been pushed forward every time and some scenes have even been left out in the film. But recently the release date of the RRR film was announced by the RRR team. But according to some sources, there may be a change in the release date of the film. 

However, the official statement from the RRR team is that the RRR Movie will be released on January 7th, 2022. 

According to several social media sources in Andhra Pradesh, there is a theater Ticket Issue that remains to be resolved. 

There is a lot of problems in Andhra Pradesh because of theater tickets for months,  Andhra Pradesh government is exaggerating ticket prices, therefore there are discussions between members of the Tollywood film industry and the Andhra Pradesh government on this issue. 

Hope!! the Andhra Pradesh ticket issue will be resolved soon and the film industry will continue as before. 

According to sources, SS Rajamouli was filming some scenes from the film as the film would not be finished on time. Perhaps, for this reason, there will be a change in the release date of the film. 

But some sources also say the film will only be released when the Ticket Issue in Andhra Pradesh is resolved soon. 

If SS Rajamouli changes the release date of the next RRR film, what is the new release date? 

According to several sources and several verified Twitter accounts That SS Rajamouli and his team may be changed the release date of the  RRR Movie; the 7th January 2022 can be changed to 26 January 2022. This means the film could be released on Republic Day.

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